Ardennes surprise

Want to live a real adventure in the Ardennes but you can’t decide what to do ? You don’t have any specific ideas in mind and you are tired of having to organize everything for your vacation?  Do you want an original, unique trip?

How about a mystery trip?

Arden & Vous transforms your trip into an unforgettable experience with friends, lovers, with your children, on a motorcycle, by car, on foot, by horse, etc.

Just breath, you are just a few minutes away from your next trip designed just only for you. 


How does it work?

1- In order to identify the adventurer within you, the first step is to complete the questionnaire.

The less adventurous will answer all the questions, while the more adventurous will cut to the chase to preserve the magic and element of surprise.


2 – We tailor your perfect trip with activities that suit you according to your budget.

If the adventurer within you needs to be reassured, we can send the program to someone you know to give it the green light.


3 – A few days before departure, you will receive a mystery envelope containing the information.

But don’t open it right away…


4 – The day of departure, open the envelope and discover your stay!