Discover the Ardennes

The Ardennes, name given to the natural massif that extends over the north of Luxembourg, the south-east of Belgium and the department of the same name in France. A cross-border territory, nature here occupies an immense and almost sacred place: valleys, woods, forests and plains have shaped the authentic nature of its inhabitants and have given rise to the most ancient traditions.

A land of History

From the bloody trenches of Argonne to the Maginot line, as well as the fortresses of Bouillon and Sedan, or the Battle of the Bulge, our region is a true open-air history book. At the crossroads of the German and Latin world, the Ardennes carry many marks of a tumultuous history. The fortresses recount within their walls a thousand years of sieges, wars and plundering where the fate of Europe and its inhabitants has been played out time and again.

A Land of Legends

It is the secret valleys, deep forests and wild rivers that most likely gave rise to the oral legends of our region. In the Semois valley, the wisps of rising and falling mist awaken the imagination of dancing fairies around the village of Les Hayons. In the Val de Lesse, the pathways lead to a natural paradise, jealously guarded by the “Nutons”. In the great Ardennes forest, you can still hear the echoing sound of the hooves of the Bayard horse on the ride of his life.
Here in the Ardennes, the landscape lives and it tells its story.

A Land of Flavors

Ardennes gastronomy is similar to its inhabitants: full of character! The hilly area and the climate have created a traditional cuisine, of which the specialties are quite diverse. There is no shortage of delicatessen specialties, even if Ardennes ham is the undisputed jewel in the crown of the food outlets. Let’s not forget to mention beer, because the brewing tradition is well established here. Wheat, dark, lager, red ale, amber, there is something for everyone! And for those who aren’t really fans of this type of beverage, know that we also produce wine in the Ardennes!

Don’t hesitate any longer, choose the Ardennes for your next vacation!